Entertainment and hip-hop music was always at his heart, whenever he was eating, taking shower, working, walking, sleeping and even dreaming, every where he was just music that even most of the people living with him always could complain when ever Chipi was around, because of the noise he could make whenever he was singing, practicing, imitating and composing songs.

There’s always nothing that God cannot do, no table that he cannot turn, even Indian ocean can be swallowed by a little offspring of an ant.

People say that Rome was not built in a day. That is to ease our inability as we are just human beings, but God can do anything that even Rome, can be built in a day. We are just more less like a computer that even God can install any program. KJV bible can be installed in us by God, for reaching out to people with the gospel. There’s a numerous space in us to mention, that God can store numerous songs of praise, worship and chorus if we seek him.

He is just able supernaturally that he can delete all the rubbish in our heads, minds, to hell with no tomorrow, that even the devil cannot restore them from the trash or recycle bin. The sexually addictive song and emotions, the bad pictures, movies, evil moments that one shared with other people god can cut and paste them in hell.

Mzuzu youth center can tell it all, witnessing a flock of the youths from different angles of Mzuzu converging in front, with the sound so loud and spiritually full of wisdom.

David Kalirani stormed the stage quietly spiritually holding the Mic in tears sharing his testimony rhythmically. Jesus is the reason that changed his ways from the famous Real Elements member to Christ Ambassador as they called it.

Chipiliro took no time to be left behind, as many had come and made their right decision to follow the man behind the testimony of David, Jesus Christ. One day devotion changed the life of Chipi, who, on his way back home was filled by the Spirit of God, singing NDAKUMANA NAYE (AMBUYE) that put in lyric form as his test testimony.

That was the same day of his salvation that he composed the song NDAKUMANA NAYE
of which up to now is still waiting for the studio.

Ndakumana Naye highlights the life of Chipiliro and his friends like Mordecai before their salvation, and secondly versed by his life in Christ, ended with the verse he bowed down asking for forgiveness and advising his fellow youths in their way to Heaven.

Following the footsteps of Jesus the king of salvation, the next day he stepped on the road on his way again to the waiting Youth Centre where the devoted ones gathered for baptism as it was written in Roman 6: 4 therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

To be updated / continued…..




Chipiliro is a young and talented Malawian, born as Chipiliro Ndaziona Thayelo. In the family of six of W.D. Thayelo (of Thayelo and Kapiye Fame) and The mother, S. Chintengo, of Namasalima village T.A Mabuka, Mulanje. His mother originated from Ntchewu District of the Central region of Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa.



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