Being a natural born artist, Chipiliro started his journey of acting at Luwinga Secondary School, when he wrote a drama that worn the hearts of teachers and students, entitled, Tears Drop at Sun Set, which was performed at the graduation day of his fellow students (the Form four students), who were sharing their last moments at the school.So passionate it was, when the writer himself (Chipiliro Thayelo) performed a role as a University Student, Kevin, who felt in love and impregnated a young and beautiful poor girl, Rose (Clara Zangalama), from within the campus, who was helplessly expelled from the school, because of the financial problems as she was an orphan. The situation of Rose became worse, when her labor time was behind the corner; she received a massage that her only shoulder to rely on, the grandma that tried all the best to raise funds for her granddaughter’s education kicked a bucket. The girl lost all the opportunities when peer pressure forced her into an early pregnancy, which was also denied by her boyfriend, Kevin (Chipiliro).

A year later, Chipiliro in the panel with his Friend Emanuel Manzy Nyondo, wrote a play, that took their school to their appearance of the Association for the Teaching of English in Malawi Festival (ATEM). The play touched the hearts of the audiene, when a young boy, by the name Sunduzwayo (Emanuel Nyondo), at the age of sixteen, passed through tough times in his childhood, when his father (Chipiliro) married a malicious woman (Winnie Singini) who led to the death of his father when she (the malevolent woman) wanted to poison Sunduzwayo, who was at the time, inhumanly beaten when his father was away. The death of the father shocked Sunduzwayo to death, living the wicked step mother, confessing in public to death also. , the song SUNDUZWAYO composed by Chipi was the sound track of the self entitled drama, that left the audience in tears of sorrow and laughter.


Chipiliro is a young and talented Malawian, born as Chipiliro Ndaziona Thayelo. In the family of six of W.D. Thayelo (of Thayelo and Kapiye Fame) and The mother, S. Chintengo, of Namasalima village T.A Mabuka, Mulanje. His mother originated from Ntchewu District of the Central region of Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa.



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