Lilongwe welcomed Chipiliro Thayelo as a typical resident, when he rocked the KAMUZU INSTITUTE OF SPORT to take no gasp, let the judges, crown him as the 1ST PRINCE of Mr. VALENTINE. It it took place during his first month of arrival in Lilongwe, where he met Gordon his new friend.

After the official release of JCE, he was then enrolled as a form three student at Chisomo Private Secondary School in Kawale, where he also continued his modeling carrier, this time as a trainer and a modeller, in conjuction with his friend Gordon Waren.

Sharing the same talents, they released their first single, Tseketseke, in their own style of Caribean and House music fusion, at the Banana Bush Studio in Kawale, and produced by Jangoman of “Mashabwada” fame and the late Jaja.

Few months later, Chipi was selected to Bwaila Secondary School to continue with his secondary education. Where he was chosen to be the Entertainment prefect, where he was nick-named him "Mingoli" (meaning the sound of music). A dream come true he called it to be. After ruling the world of entertainment at Bwaila Secondary School, his guardians transfer to the evergreen city of Malawi, left him the job unfinished as many missed his services as leader.



Chipiliro is a young and talented Malawian, born as Chipiliro Ndaziona Thayelo. In the family of six of W.D. Thayelo (of Thayelo and Kapiye Fame) and The mother, S. Chintengo, of Namasalima village T.A Mabuka, Mulanje. His mother originated from Ntchewu District of the Central region of Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa.



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